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I must admit that yesterday I did not meet my yoga challenge; I did not do an extra hour of yoga or walk 3 miles. I did do my regular yoga practice and walked at work. There is a lot of walking to do at work. 🙂

Today is –

Day Eight: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 – I taught two yoga and meditation classes today. For my yoga challenge I did this set twice: CLEANSING & PURIFYING THE LIVER and also The CREATIVITY Series.

I have done the Liver set a few times this week and it is already getting easier. My hips have been tight ever since my surgery in 1976. At first I thought the problem was related to the having worn a heavy, plaster body cast for 9 months. When the cast came off, my hips felt like they were tight from being in the cast. After years of earnest stretching I finally realized I had lost my natural lordosis and now my body would not be in alignment.

Consequently, psoas stretches are a challenge, but they make a world of difference in how I feel. I am looking forward to practicing these stretches. Some people believe the psoas can cause scoliosis for various reasons. Stretching the psoas with Flat back Syndrome can be a challenge. In the liver set, I can not do a proper seated on the heel lunge and I am not certain if I ever will be able to or not. But, I am practicing these modified lunges in-between attempts for the full lunge, Kapotasana II. My massage therapist taught me a variation of Kapotasana I, which is practiced while standing. I will have to take a series of photo to help explain it.


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