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adding the heating/chopping mechanism

adding the heating/chopping mechanism (Photo credit: functoruser)

I drink unsweetened, organic soymilk almost everyday, but along with the plastic carton, the other questionable additives, and processing – I don’t even know when it was actually made.

So, last night I drove to our local Chinatown and purchased a Soy Milk Machine. There were several to choose from. A friend of mine recommended the store. She has the $45. dollar model I’ll mention below, and uses it daily – She brings her freshly made soy milk with ground black sesame seeds or ground walnuts in it, to work everyday and that inspired me in my continued efforts to eliminate plastic and processed foods from my diet. The other soy milk machines were different models of one brand, Joyoung. I had done some online research prior to going, but really made my final decision at the store.

1. The $45. model -I forget the brand, it began with the letter V. My friend says it works great, but the pitcher is plastic, and I am getting away from foods in plastic, and in particular, foods exposed to extreme temperatures in plastic, so I decided against this great price – if you are not familiar with the makings of soy milk, the soybeans are ground and boiled in the machine.

2. Joyoung CTS1048 Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker – I wanted to purchase this one, the price was very reasonable, around $70., but I was concerned about the exposed stainless steel pitcher and anyone in the kitchen getting burned.

3. Joyoung CTS1068 Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker – I didn’t care for the locks on the sides. This model was also less expensive, but esthetically, the locks just did not mix with my ideal morning style.

4. Joyoung Soy Milk & Rice Milk Maker CTS-1088 – This is the one I purchased for $125. It is sleek, not too big, for my tiny kitchen, and I liked the options, although I have to admit, they were written in Chinese, and the gentleman who was answering my questions, was a tad more inspired to sell me the next model below. Once I start using it, I will be able to give some real feedback about the options. For now I am hoping for yummy milks at the least, and possibly a way cheaper version of a Vitamix type blender/cooker.

5. Joyoung Soy Milk Maker CTS-1098 –   The store was a Chinese herbal pharmacy/grocery and the nice gentleman they asked to help me, because I did not speak any Chinese language and he spoke some English, served me 2 cups of ‘Mushroom Tea’, which was tasty, and he said it would clean me out. In case you are wondering, it was not Magic Mushroom Tea.  He repeatedly told me, I would like this soy milk maker better, because it was nicer looking – which may be so, but it was bigger and every cm matters in my kitchen, and it cost $185. a significant increase from the $45. I had been considering spending.

Cheers! Here’s to future soy and black sesame seed milk mornings!


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