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Memorial Day – I practiced  The Kundalini Yoga Warrior Workout with Elder Daughter. That was fun!

June 1, 2011 – Today I found my old CD of the mantra Aap Sahai Hoa Sachay Daa Sacha Doa, Har Har Har and listened to it while practicing the Meditation For Prosperity which uses that manta. The CD I used is called Aap Sahai Hoa by Singh Kaur. I love Singh Kaur’s music. If you haven’t heard her, take a listen, you’ll be glad you did. If you have heard her, take a listen anyway, she is so Divine! You can listen to her  at the following link,  Spirit Voyage, which happens to be my favorite music and yoga online shopping bliss!

Although you can listen to a wide varity of Singh Kaur’s music at SpiritVoyage.com, I have not been able to find a copy of her version of Aap Sahai Hoa there or elsewhere on-line. I was hoping to find a new copy for my ipod because the CD I have skips after 21 minutes. When I find one, I will post it here.  Today I practiced The Kundalini Yoga Set New Lungs & Circulation (twice); in addition to Pranayam for Emotional Balance and New Perspective – which is inhaling left, exhaling right with long deep breathing. This was a great combo. I enjoyed it, my low back enjoyed it, and my spirit felt exalted.


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